Exactly how podcasting can benefit your content marketing strategy

July 28, 2016

If there’s one point that keeps marketing professionals up late during the night, it’s falling back on the latest advertising trends. Whether it be figuring out which social media is on the increase or just what sorts of downloadable properties are growing in appeal, it’s essential to continue to be ahead of the pack to guarantee you get maximum worth out of a new tool before other marketing professionals come and ruin it for every person. Recently, marketing professionals have actually been looking to the re-emerging medium of podcasting to display their knowledge. Bench Research Center reported that the percentage of Americans that have heard a podcast in the last month has virtually increased from 9 to 21 percent since 2008. This raised target market produces a huge opportunity for you to place your brand as forward-thinking and in advance of arising trends.
Aspects that lead to the increase in listenership
According to Vox Media, the boost in listenership can be attributed to 3 variables:
Improvements in technology making it less complicated to listen.
Boost in talented professionals taking on the tool.
A shown capability to create profits.
Vox went on to offer the first period of the Serial podcast as one of the very best instances of this trifecta perfected.
Sarah Koenig is an NPR expert with years of radio encounter, and she’s likewise the host of Serial. In 2014, she chose to adopt the podcasting tool to provide her investigation right into the 1999 murder instance of Hae Minutes Lee. Koenig had the ability to safeguard paid sponsorship from the email advertising solution MailChimp (as well as was even able to obtain them slightly viral focus with a mispronunciation of their business name).
Throughout peak Serial fever, it was near difficult to not face at least one person throughout the day that was a listener. According to another research from Church bench, in 2014 when Serial first introduced, approximately 85 percent of U.S. grownups in between the ages of 18-29 possessed a mobile phone, making it also much easier to pay attention to the series on the move.
Podcasting as an easy type of content
Among the major benefits of podcasting is that it gives a passive suggests for the audience to digest material. All sorts of content advertising and marketing can be categorized right into either passive or active material. Think of your own content intake routines and also it’ll be simple to see the benefits of either form.
Energetic material prompts customers to engage with the information that is existing. Blog sites, whitepapers as well as eBooks all ask the individual for their full, devoted interest. These kinds of content are superb at driving conversions and also establishing your brand as a thought leader in your area. However, in today’s on-the-go society, your target market could not always have the time to offer you their wholehearted interest, which is why it is necessary to cancel a holistic material advertising technique with passive content.
Easy content (consisting of video, sound and also graphics) provides a many more leisurely encounter for the customer. In the case of podcasting, the individual is able to absorb the topic while executing other jobs (catching up on emails, commuting to function or perhaps writing maximized blog content).
Hurdles you have to clear to start podcasting
We have actually been stating for several years that marketing professionals ought to explore new mediums, especially podcasting. Luckily for online marketers, hiking to a recording workshop to produce your podcast is not 100 percent required any longer. With little bit more than a vibrant microphone and also a computer with recording and also editing software, you can produce a top quality podcast from the convenience of your own home or office. The simple component is getting the equipment; the difficult component is having the innovative knowledge to guarantee you’re not losing both your and your audiences’ time.
Obviously, each business has its very own target audience with certain passions that need to be resolved. In our 2016 in search forecasts post, we detailed a couple of industries and also podcast subjects that may work well in each. No matter just what subjects you opt to cover, it’s imperative that the content you generate is objective as well as unbranded, and has an academic focus. Keep in mind: No one is visiting download and install or share your podcast if it’s simply a complicated sales pitch.
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